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Mixed by Pedro del Mar - Playa Del Lounge vol. 3 Mixed by Pedro del Mar - Playa Del Lounge vol. 3.
The summer wouldn’t be complete without a brand new “Playa Del Lounge” compilation. Thankfully this year again Pedro del Mar reserved considerable amounts of time to compile the third installment of his prestigious chillout CD series. The superb follow up to the previous two editions “Playa Del Lounge, Vol. 3” is ready to live up the hot summer season of 2012.

For this new volume, Pedro Del Mar prepared a track list that contains no less than 17 brand new cuts; many of them previously unreleased and in most cases exclusively produced for this album. Next to some familiar sounding artists from the previous two episodes, volume 3 features fresh new talents, popular singers and producers from all over the world.

As with the previous editions of “Playa Del Lounge”, Pedro is proud of the final result: “It was again so much fun to compile and produce this year’s edition of the series. “Playa Del Lounge” really means a lot to me. I have been active in the music industry for 16 years, rushing from gig to gig and meeting to meeting, but one thing is key for me: to make sure that I can escape the busy daily life by working on my annual chillout album. It means that I invest a lot of effort and passion into the project, simply because it is such a great experience to check out hundreds or even thousands of downbeat tunes. Think of it as a nice combination of brainstorming and creative music sessions with first class international artists in order to secure exclusive material that matches with my vision. As always I didn’t want to limit the musical style to one particular chillout sound. I wanted to showcase the wide range and all facets of ambient, chillout, downbeat, acoustic and other influences and in all modesty I can say that volume 3 covers them all.

On “Playa Del Lounge, Vol. 3”, 16 out of the 17 tracks are vocal tunes featuring the outstanding voices of first class artists like Betsie Larkin, Emma Hewitt, Inger Hansen, Ana Criado, Andain, Chris Jones, Zara and last but definitely not least Adrina Thorpe, who also recorded the opening track of the release with Roger Shah.

Furthermore, fans will be pleased to find a brand new single by Pedro Del Mar himself, joining forces with Richard Durand and Roberta Harrison on “Paint The Sky”. The single also appears on Richard Durand’s recently released mix compilation “In Search Of Sunrise 10: Australia”. So whether it’s at home, in your car or at the beach, Pedro Del Mar’s “Playa Del Lounge, Vol. 3” is ready to take the listeners on a relaxing musical journey!

Herausgebedatum: 30. Juli 2012
Label: Black Hole
Katalognummer: BlackHoleCD95

Label: Black Hole Recordings
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Die CDs können direkt auf der Site [] oder aud der Site [].

Diesen Eintrag wurde am 13.08.2012 durch sven publiziert.

Das Tracklitsing :

01. Roger Shah ft. Adrina Thorpe - Island (Album Mix)
02. Betsie Larkin with Bjorn Akesson - Let It Shine (Walsh & McAuley Sunset Mix)
03. Hysteria! - Release My Heart (Chillout Mix)
04. Ana Criado - Afterglow (CJ RcM & Seven24 Chillout Remix)
05. Ambray - Kiss The Messenger (Chillout Mix)
06. A. Galchenko - Touching (Chillout Mix)
07. Jamie Carpenter ft. Ciaran Warren - You’re Not Alone (Chillout Mix)
08. Sunlounger & Zara Taylor - Try To Be Love (Chillout Mix)
09. Pakka ft. Simon Binkenborn - The Light (Chillout Mix)
10. Richard Durand & Pedro Del Mar ft. Roberta Harrison - Paint The Sky
11. Andain - Turn Up The Sound (Zetandel Chillout Mix)
12. Emma Hewitt - Foolish Boy (Album Version)
13. Inger Hansen - The Sun (Album Mix)
14. Mito & Hotlife ft. Roberta Harrison - All Summer Long (Seven24 & Soty Remix)
15. IK Willem - Pantanal (Chillout Mix)
16. Motif - The Sign (Chillout Mix)
17. Roy Malakian ft. Chris Jones - Vital Signs (Eller van Buuren Acoustic Mix).

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