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Musik News :

2 Bears, 1 Love 2 Bears, 1 Love: for a plate of jerk chicken...: A couple of weeks back we sat down with The 2 Bears (aka Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard and Raf Daddy) for a plate of jerk chicken and rice at one of their favourite eateries
(18.11.2012)   [mehr darüber!]

Armin van Buuren Armin van Buuren: documentary featured by KLM: KLM premiers Armin van Buuren documentary ‘A Year With Armin van Buuren’ on YouTube
(18.11.2012)   [mehr darüber!]

DJ Mag: Top 100 best DJs: Chaque année, le magazine spécialisé «DJ Mag» met le monde du clubbing en émoi en publiant le classement des meilleurs DJ
(04.11.2012)   [mehr darüber!]

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Top New Sounds :

You Once Told Me - Andain You Once Told Me - Andain.
Despite the modest size of their discography, the history of one of EDM’s greatest cult duos has created quite a few ripples in the industry. "Summer Calling". "Beautiful Things". Just the titles of two tracks, two successive years, two conclusive anthems and ones that masterminded the rocking of countless club floors. That was followed by a recorded-but-never-released long-player, band hiatus, a parting of ways and finally, in 2011, the reunion. All of which has led to this point: the release of Andain’s first official band album. When the demands of their individual careers proved too great, it seemed to spell a premature finale for one of dance music’s most gifted acts. But through "You Once Told Me" fate has intervened. Songstress Mavie Marcos and production wunderkind Josh Gabriel from Gabriel & Dresden are finally set to deliver their first full-length track collection. Opening the album’s account is their most recent single. Resonating with deep, spacious bass, "Turn Up The Sound" brings a refined Indian-inspired percussive instrumentation that backs Mavie’s loud-and-clear call to action. Setting a more chilled, Café del Mar style tone, "Like" has an aching, lyrical fragility that’s picked out, to beautiful effect, by Gabriel’s slow motion beats and enrapturing string sections. If "Like" is the album’s Café del Mar moment, then "Forget Your Face" is its Café de Noir. Josh marries a filtered, panned omnipresent ticking clock with sharply programmed, snapping break-beats to create a darker, swirling miasma-ish atmosphere. Perfectly showcasing Mavie’s intoxicating, indie-edged vocal haunt, it gives another diverse hue to the album. Explaining Andain’s unique production dynamic, Mavie says: “We blended natural acoustic sounds throughout the album with electronic percussive ones. We made sure to keep our musical sound pallet made up of our drum kits and analogue synth sounds, consistent throughout. We thought this would result in the most intricate album for the listener - something that is meant to be listened to, in its entirety, as a cohesive piece of music - not just a string of singles.” The combination of Mavie’s classical and rock background with Josh’s never ending love of early 80’s new wave means they balance each other beautifully. “I'm usually the one pulling for the strings, bells, twinkles and melodic sounds, while Josh is great at creating the darker melancholic textures, the synths and distorted sounds to bite you and feel gritty. Beautiful music needs both of these”, she states. Emphasizing that to a tee is the vibrant, cultured drum ‘n’ bass beats of "Much Too Much", which briefly provides the album with a film score feel, whilst on "Ave Maria", Mavie’s meditative, almost story-tell lyrics cast the net further still. With its imaginative chiming musical box sub-melodies and sporadic punchy beats, "Promises" -the single that heralded their re-emergence- is just as compelling now as it was a year ago. "After" meanwhile brings more poignantly themed lyrics, while "What It’s Like" introduces low-fi rocky guitar notes and shakes in some idiophonic percussion lines. "Find Your Way" invokes more seaside atmosphere and sunset imagery, while the album’s title track summons anthemic sing/shout-it-out lyrics, leant additional dynamism by the exacting programming of Josh’s beats. Closing out the album, "Taken Away" gives "You Once Told Me" a lamenting, searing complexion; a quiet, compelling final storm that provides its perfect deal-sealing climax. Crafted for a different type of floor, its 11 tracks are filled with translucent melodies, unhurried beats, leading edge FX wizardry, all matched to Mavie's intriguing, elliptical song writing. Long-promised, now delivered "You Once Told Me" is the Andain album fans old and new have been waiting for.

Label: Black Hole Recordings

Top New Sounds :

Layo & Bushwacka! - Rising and Falling Layo & Bushwacka! - Rising and Falling.
In the six years since their previous artist album, Layo & Bushwacka! have continued to stay at the forefront of the electronic music community via their legendary ‘Shake It!’ parties, and a consistently impressive stream of releases via their own label ‘Olmeto’: notable highlights including ‘Now Is The Time’, ‘Summer Gone’, and two EP's for Richie Hawtin’s Plus 8 imprint.

Their first album was ‘Lowlife’ on End Recordings in 1999, followed by ‘Night Works’ on XL in 2002, and ‘Feels Closer’ on Olmeto in 2006.

Their fourth studio album ‘Rising and Falling’ is set to reaffirm their status as electronic music heavyweights: A selection of productions that nod to their own musical heritage, but at the same time keep them effortlessly current, mixed together to form a continuous long-player that is destined to become another milestone for house and techno community.

‘Rising & Falling’ extends the musical lineage and influential body of work from a production duo that has been a cornerstone within electronic music for the best part of two decades. Drawing on their rich tapestry of global musical influences, ‘Rising & Falling’ serves up an exciting pastiche of productions which are woven together to form a long-player that exudes the confidence of two producers still at the top of their game.

Kicking off with ‘Delta Ahead’ with its chugging anticipatory beat, the tone is expertly set as the track’s intricate synths provide the perfect platform for Layo & Bushwacka to flex their production muscle. Tracks such as the haunting yet dubby ‘Emotional Intelligence’; the ethereal ‘Tender Love’; and down-tempo ‘Close To Me’ demonstrate the duos ability to make more ambient tracks that allow their sound to continue to bridge the gap between home listening and the dance-floor.

For fans in search of dance-floor orientated tracks there a numerous delights across the album. From the bubbling enveloping sounds of ‘Thylacine’, to the racy percussive tribal beats of ‘Born In The Backwoods’, through to the break-beat driven ‘Raw Defined’ that is sure to find its way into the bags of many DJs. ‘5am’ typically exemplifies its title and is superb production that will no doubt be heard on dance-floors as the night segues into day.
The original version of ‘Dancing In The Dark’, whose expertly crafted remixes gathered substantial critical acclaim during the summer, highlights why the duo are still attracting remixers of the highest calibre. Finally, the album’s title track completes a master-class in production with a high-tempo groovy beat.

As ‘Rising & Falling’ ebbs and flows through a multitude of sonic landscapes, it will remind their global fan-base why their productions are so loved, whilst also capturing the hearts of a new generation of listeners.

Herausgebedatum: 22. Oktober 2012
Label: Olmeto
Katalognummer: ?

Label: Olmeto

Top New Sounds :

Miguel Migs - House Masters Miguel Migs - House Masters.
With the latest release in the acclaimed series Miguel Migs is the latest producer to be crowned an official House Master by Defected Records, dedicating two discs to the legacy that Migs has built up during his inimitable career.

House Masters Miguel Migs is the first comprehensive collection of work from a producer who damn near defines the deep, soulful house genre of the late 1990s and early 2000s and features classic and current cuts including original and remix works such as 'Life' (Unreleased Version), Lisa Shaw 'Cherry' (Miguel Migs Salted Vocal Edit), Miguel Migs feat. Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King 'Everybody', Blue Six ‘Pure’ and Nightsource 'Don't You Wanna?’, ‘Petalpushing’ and the brand new ‘Dance And Clap’.

Miguel Migs is one of the most respected DJs, producers and label owners in the US; an artist whose influence on the landscape of house cannot be overlooked. Migs personifies the chilled-out, soul-driven vibe of both the Naked Music and Salted label projects in which he has been involved and, hailing from San Francisco himself, has been influential in cultivating and pioneering the famed ‘West Coast scene’. Combining the best of the electronic music world with live instrumentation, he has carved out an organic, soulful niche and with which carries with him the undying respect of his peers.

In selecting the tracks to include on this new compilation, Migs had the enviable task of sifting through his extensive back-catalogue in order to create a balanced collection of his diversity of styles. “I wanted to showcase a wide variety and a balance of old material as well as some of my newer songs” he explains. “It’s a fine line between choosing a steady musical flow and keeping it interesting with the track selection by choosing a balance of soulful vocal works, deeper dubs, and various tempos.”

The result is a compilation in which each track unmistakably bears Migs’ signature imprint and yet steadfastly remains diverse and interesting; a remarkably distinct assembly of well-crafted songwriting, soulful melodies, warm chords, engaging vocals and soothing basslines that divulge his numerous musical influences.

“I have always been inspired by rock, reggae/dub, soul, 80s, disco, hip-hop, funk and just about everything in-between” reveals Migs “and I wanted to showcase some of that diversity in this compilation, focusing on creating an enjoyable listening experience through a span of time, while also having some updated and unreleased versions to spice things up.

“I hope the listener is able to appreciate the spectrum of sounds and understand that I just love music, plain and simple” he concludes “and that regardless of current trends or hype I try and stay
true to creating music that I feel and enjoy.”

Herausgebedatum: 1. Oktober 2012
Label: In The House / Defected
Katalognummer: ITH ?

Label: In The House / Defected

Top New Sounds :

Sampler - Kittball Konspiracy vol. 5 Sampler - Kittball Konspiracy vol. 5.
“Many people out there believe in the magic of numbers. So do we! 5 is the most magical number in the whole universe. Especially when we talk about the fifth episode of our Kittball Konspiracy - the strongest Konspiracy compilation ever.“ Kittball.

Independent German Deep/Tech House label Kittball have crafted a sound that is both energetic and completely unique, combining their skill to intricately weavelayers of classic tones with modern twists. The label is headed up by notorious DJ and production duo Tube & Berger who as producers have strived to carve out a distinct sound, a trait which is consistent w

ith the label. Having consistently proven their output to be of the highest quality with releasesfrom international underground stalwarts like Aki Bergen, Timo Mass and Daniel Steinberg, Kittball have been behind dancefloor anthems like Andreas Henneberg and Simon2’s ‘Bolingo Gringo’ amongst many others.

‘KittballKonspiracy Vol. 5’ is the latest compilation to showcase the imprint’s burgeoning roster. Here the label mixes the well-known with up and coming artists of the future; the result is a beautifully executed seven track album, featuring the likes of Luca M, Milan, Filthy Rich and of course Tube & Berger.

Milan Euringer who is a new undiscovered talent has collaborated with Tube & Berger to set the tone of the album with ‘Lovebreak’, a subterranean groover with a deep resonating bass line, subtle kicks and a catchy vocal hook. The album progresses with Luca M’s offering to the compilation ‘A Peak Weak’, a tech house exploration with disjointed vocal samples, tight drums and fluid peaks and troughs.

Wild Culture’s track ‘For Everything’ is the perfect example of chilled out and modern Balearic house, an after hours adventure into the sunset. The album then finishes on ‘Girl Who Silenced The World’ a bouncy, tribal house track with clever snippets of chanting vocals and looping overlays of complex drums and melodies.

With Konspiracy Vol 5 you have proof that Kittball records know how to deliver the best of the current underground in the perfect format. Whether in the afterhours on the Balearic islands, peak time in the club or played over the airways this album is a masterpiece of deep and tech house.

Herausgebedatum: 11. September 2012
Label: Kittball, Deutschland
Katalognummer: ?

Label: Kittball Records

Top New Sounds :

Selected and Mixed by Alex Flatner - Mixtape Selected and Mixed by Alex Flatner - Mixtape.
Alex Flatner has been honing his craft for many years, running the very successful underground labels Circle Music and Gedankensport, A&R managing the prolific labels Harthouse and Plastic City, as well as being a highly regarded DJ and producer.

For Mixtape, he has gathered together a supreme selection of tracks by established Circle Music artists and newcomers, programmed and mixed together to perfection by the man himself. All tracks are unreleased and exclusive to this compilation and are only available for this release, worldwide, making Alex Flatner’s Mixtape a perfect showcase session for 2012.

Mannheim based Circle Music doesn’t have a particular style. Alex signs and releases tracks because he really likes them and also plays them in his DJ sets. An ever-evolving, broad musical palette from techno through to nu-disco, means Circle fans can expect to be invigorated (and sometimes surprised) with each new release. Mixtape brings together everything that is exciting and challenging about having a bold, open-ended music policy.

Opening with the mellow, hypnotic, vocalized grooves of established Circle artist, Slok, it is immediately apparent that there is some extraordinary talent on show here. Sebbo’s “Sugar Kane” glides effortlessly into the opening percussive groove (check his recent “Anyway” single for more proof of this guy’s top notch credentials). The funk factor rises with the new, upcoming Italian duo of Danima & da Ragnio, before Patrick Kunkel (who you may know from his Cocoon releases) teams up with Nueremberg’s Jürgen Kirsch to introduce a darker electro vibe to the party, a jackin’ mood shared by the next established Circle Music artist, Hermanez.

Mix compilations are a great way to introduce exciting new talent to the world and Switzerland’s Simon Slice has an uplifting vibe that is instantly memorable. As Alex Flatner says: “New name, new face, great music!” Two longtime masterminds of superb music are juxtaposed with this hot new talent in the shape of Matt Flores & Franksen (host of the legendary HR3 Clubnight show at, whose “Blacklight Romance” is cut from the same cloth, before two more established Circle artists, Marc Vision & Franco Lemon, take the mix in a joyous classic house direction with “Change”.

Marius & David (who’s remix of dOP’s “After Party” will be a well known to many) are new faces on Circle Music, and instantly turn up the energy levels with the acidic grooves of “Man In The Shadow”. Alex Flatner displays yet another A&R masterstroke in Patrick Podage’s “Shining Through”, with its futuristic disco vibe this is yet another new name and new face with great music for Circle. The theme is continued in style by one of the most highly rated artists in Holland, Warren Fellows, who teams up with compatriot de Joog, taking things to the next level with “Episode”.

Alex Flatner shows exactly why he is such a highly rated producer himself, teaming up with studio partner LOPAZZ for the future disco-tech anthem “Dislike”, lifting things further with the spiraling hypnotic grooves of an international tag team comprising of Canadian Joel Armstrong and Frankfurt’s Skai featuring Noah DeSmith, before dropping into the stripped back vocalized electronic funk of upcoming producer Ruben Mandolini.

As the mix takes a heavier twist, upcoming artist Daniel Bortz ignites his entrance to the Circle party with the throbbing, bass heavy, “Overload”, leading into the seductive tones of Cynthia Queenton which signal something very special is about to happen as Chris Venola and Maurizio Vitiello debut on Circle with the exceptional “I Wanna Dance”. Watch out for Chris Venola’s debut artist album coming on the Circle label in September, a serious talent is waiting in the wings! Finally, with its instantly memorable saxophone hook, comes “Santa Esmeralda” by 2 guys from Austria known as Pyjamas, delivering a perfect end sequence to what is a stunning showcase mix of Circle Music talent for 2102.

Listen to snippets of all the tracks here:

Herausgebedatum: 14. September 2012
Label: Circle Music, Germany
Katalognummer: Circle 013_2 CD

Label: Circle Music

Top New Sounds :

Mixed by Markus Schulz - Scream Mixed by Markus Schulz - Scream.
Back in June 2010 one of the world’s most inventive electronic music minds released the artist album odyssey that was ‘Do You Dream?’ Fan applause, cross-genre DJ support and dance press acclaim greeted one chart-scaling, master-blasting single after another.

From ‘Do You Dream’s day of release though, Markus Schulz had already begun imagining and conceiving the sound designs that would go to make up his next long-playing excursion.

Now, comprising a 19-track packed collection of ear catching, floor quenching, seismic audio, his ‘Dream’ is about to turn into a mighty ‘Scream’!

“When you’re in the studio, deep in production mode on an album, your mind’s eye is forever picturing the reactions tracks, and moments in tracks, are going to generate”, says Markus. So in many respects the title ‘Scream’ is also the album’s mission statement. It’s that response, that surge of feeling and emotion I want to come back up off the floor when one of its tracks goes on. When it happens, you know all the late hours in the studio, putting the pieces in place, have been worth it!”

With a single-minded quality-meets-quantity credo, Markus has made judicious use of known vocal talent and new singer/songwriter blood on the album. These include US-based sensations Jaren and Aruna, as well as Paper Aeroplanes front-woman Sarah Howells. Also front-and-centre are precocious newer talents, with the likes of Seri and new Schulz discovery-cum-protégée, Adina Butar joining ‘Scream’s vocal cast.

Giving the album a strong song-edged bias has resulted in one with productions that span EDM’s spectrum.

For every daytime radio inciting number (‘Until It’s Gone’, ‘Love Rain Down On Me’ and current single ‘Caught’ to tag but a few), there’s also the more underground themes of tracks like ‘Deep In The Night’, ‘Absolution’ and the album’s thrilling title track. During the final weeks of ‘Scream’s production Schulz commented: “one of the side-effects of producing instrumental long-players like my Dakota ‘Thoughts Become Things’ series is that you keenly feel how much you miss working with lyrics and vocals. ‘Scream’ will be my most vocal-oriented album yet and I believe that the singer-song-writing talent I’ve collaborated with, it will also make for my most accomplished”.

‘Scream’ isn’t exclusively about the vocal though. Building the consummate 360° electronic music album requires contrast and that comes firmly into focus with its heart-of-the-dancefloor seeking instrumentals. From the scene-setting beat-free overture of ‘Our Moment’ to the serrated synthery of floor-ammo like ‘Triotronic’, ‘Soul Seeking’ and ‘Loops n Things’ (with Ferry Corsten) it delivers a comprehensive, panoramic, day-or-night-time listening experience.

Through it Schulz has once again demonstrated that the production side of his mind is alive, kicking and quite literally screaming to be turned loose. And on August 31st that’s exactly what will happen.

Planet EDM will never be quite the same again.

Pre-order now on iTunes and Album will be released August 31st.

Pre-order your signed copy of Markus Schulz – Scream!
Packing a new collection of hypersonic, club-captivating tracks, from across electronic dance music’s wide spectrum, Markus Schulz’ new studio album is primed and ready to wow & thrill. Featuring some of the finest singer, songwriter and co-production talent in the EDM stratosphere, on August 31st ‘Scream’ drops. But in advance, there’s the pre-order. And it’s bringing you something very special: a signed copy with a personal note from Markus himself!

The signed copies are now sold out! The regular copy is still available though at

If you pre-order the album on now, within the pre-order period, you get this collector’s item, with a personal note especially for you! So start screaming, and don’t forget to pro-order ‘Scream’ on now!

Herausgebedatum: 31. August 2012
Label: Armada
Katalognummer: ?

Label: Armada

Top New Sounds :

AN21 & Max Vangeli - People of the Night AN21 & Max Vangeli - People of the Night.
AN21 & Max Vangeli unveil their highly anticipated debut album “People of the Night”

On 3rd September long-time friends and collaborators AN21 & Max Vangeli are set to release their highly anticipated debut album ‘People Of The Night’ on Size Records. Bringing together a host of like-minded producers and vocalists, the album’s fresh blend of emotive and anthemic house is set to cement their positions as leaders in their field. At fifteen tracks the album is a bold creative statement, but one that pays off fully as it allows the pair to articulate the depth of their musical talents in the broadest way yet.

All three singles feature here and sound as immediate and captivating as they did the first time around, from the powerful and uncompromising ‘H8RS’ with Steve Angello, to the eponymous big room anthem with Tiësto and Lover Lover, as well as latest single Bombs Over Capitals. This is just the tip of the iceberg though as AN21 andVangeli explore a diverse range of material. With Congorock, Michael Woods,Moguai and Kim Fai all pitching in on production duties as well as guest vocal appearances from Bnann, Rudy and Example, the duo amalgamate the diversity of these acts in to the influences that run through the album. From the soaring synths and beautiful melodies of ‘Glow’ to their gritty electro collision with Congorock on ‘Lost’, each track offers something new and unpredictable.

On further vocal tracks ‘Whisper’ featuring chart topper Example and ‘This Far’ with Rudy they bring their innate songwriting talents to the fore while across a selection of solo instrumentals they showcase their uncanny ability to rock a dance floor, from the stripped back melodies and driving club groove on ‘Diet’ to the harder-edged urgency of ‘Square One’. Elsewhere they team up with Michael Woods on the propulsive and progressive ‘Nightfall’, Moguai on the morphing ‘Brunette’ and Kim Fai on the shimmering euphoria of ‘Story’.

Brothers in arms AN21 and Max have quickly established themselves as rising stars of the EDMworld. Hotly tipped in the early stages of their career, they have substantiated the hype with releases both as individuals and as a duo. Theyhave released music on Size and Refune and they've remixed the likes of Ellie Goulding, Pendulum and Gorillaz. As DJs they've played at all the world’s finest clubs and international festivals while also presenting one of 2011’s finest Essential Mixes for Radio 1.

Herausgebedatum: 3. September 2012
Label: Size Records
Katalognummer: ?

Label: Size Records

Top New Sounds :

Foreign Beggars - The Uprising Foreign Beggars - The Uprising.
London-based, critically acclaimed U.K. rap/grime/dubstep group FOREIGN BEGGARS is gearing up to release their hotly anticipated album THE UPRISING October 1 via the deadmau5-helmed mau5trap label. Having built a revered reputation over the last decade for their versatility, prolific creativity and high-octane live shows, FOREIGN BEGGARS continue to push the envelope with THE UPRISING, progressing from their roots in underground hip-hop to an eclectic and visceral fusion with electronic music that has seen them go from strength to strength. THE UPRISING marks the latest chapter in their continuous evolution.

Out now is “Anywhere” featuring D.Ablo, the third single from THE UPRISING. Having done some serious damage with previously released singles “Palm Of My Hand” and “Flying To Mars” featuring Donaeo, the BEGGARS are back at it again and are certainly not pulling any punches with “Anywhere.” FOREIGN BEGGARS switch things up once again as they call upon Eddie Jeffrys to take the reigns on production duties on “Anywhere.” Switching between deep dub-laced swagger and searing bass-fuelled force, Jeffrys delivers a rowdy instrumental allowing FOREIGN BEGGARS to take charge as they go full throttle. London-based vocalist D.ablo joins on the track’s hook, which provides a more meditative counterpoint to the chaos that ensues. “Anywhere” is available now at iTunes ( and Beatport ( Listen to “Anywhere” here: Listen to “Palm Of My Hand” here: Watch the video for “Flying to Mars” here:

Comprised of 12 tracks, THE UPRISING gives FOREIGN BEGGARS the broadest canvas yet to flex their creative muscles, teaming up with a broad lineup of electronic producers and continuing to surge forward with their genre-defying blend of sounds. The album includes singles “Palm Of My Hand,” “Flying To Mars,” “Anywhere” and “Apex,” which provide a route into the album’s headspace. This is merely the start though, as FOREIGN BEGGARS take you on a journey through their world.

“Amen” produced by fellow Londoner Burns provides the perfect opener for the album, riding in on its infectious hip-hop bump with an electronic twist, allowing FOREIGN BEGGARS to set the tone for THE UPRISING. Leading straight into the Knife Party-produced “Apex,” the BEGGARS make it clear they mean business, dropping razor-sharp lyrics and high energy over neck-snapping snares, grinding bass and lightning bolt synths. “Apex” will also be accompanied by a video produced by Ben Soper and starring longtime FOREIGN BEGGARS affiliate Ed Skrein, who recently featured in the Plan B-directed film “Ill Manors.” Up next, “Crep Hype” makes sure not to relieve the pressure, teaming up with Salva for a celebration of their love of sneakers, telling the story in inimitable style. “We Does This” follows single “Flying To Mars” as they team up with Alix Perez, veering off sideways with a slippery beat that compliments their dexterous flows as they enter into straight up hustle mode.

They up the tempo for “Minds Eye,” moving in to drum 'n' bass with previous collaborators Millions Like Us and featuring the legendary Tommy Lee on the drums. Finding them in a more pensive mode, the track gives FOREIGN BEGGARS a chance to showcase their acerbic lyricism. On “Goon Bags” they team up with experimental producer Blue Daisy for a cut of dark, warping hip-hop while on “Working Angles” they join Kidkanevil for his more light-hearted, quirky slant. They straddle both sides of the Atlantic on “Never Stop,” a collaboration with Philadelphia-based producer Starkey which merges deep verses with an anthemic hook and brilliantly shows the breadth of FOREIGN BEGGARS’ talents. “See The Light” closes out the album on an epic wave of optimism with Bare Noize on production duties.

In support of THE UPRISING, FOREIGN BEGGARS will launch a U.K. tour featuring a newly expanded live production that promises to be spectacular, including support from a host of like-minded musicians and contemporaries. Joining the boys will be dubstep stalwarts True Tiger with their live band and recent Mad Decent signing and future trap star UZ. The Bristol show at Motion will see them joined by Jack Beats, Cookie Monsta, Koan Sound and Sigma. FOREIGN BEGGARS will also make a limited run of North American live performances, including a featured slot at HARD Events’ Hard Haunted Mansion Presents Day of the Dead Saturday, November 3 in Los Angeles.

Herausgebedatum: 1. Oktober 2012
Label: Mau5trap
Katalognummer: ?

FOREIGN BEGGARS live U.K. tour routing is as follows:
w/ support from True Tiger Live Band and UZ (Jeffries/Mad Decent)

Tue 10/9: Oxford, O2 Academy2
Wed 10/10: Cardiff, Clwb Ifor Bach
Thu 10/11: Birmingham, O2 Academy2
Fri 10/12: Manchester, Club Academy
Sat 10/13: Glasgow, Stereo
Tue 10/16: Norwich, Waterfront
Wed 10/17: London, Heaven
Thu 10/18: Brighton, Digital
Fri 10/19: Bristol, Motion*

*Bristol support: Jack Beats, Cookie Monsta, Koan Sound, Sigma

Label: Mau5trap

Top New Sounds :

Mixed by Robbie Rivera - Juicy Ibiza 2012 Mixed by Robbie Rivera - Juicy Ibiza 2012.
Continuing his successful series for the sixth consecutive year, Robbie Rivera presents his brand spanking new mix compilation “Juicy Ibiza 2012”. Epitomizing the sun drenched atmosphere of vacation time, beaches, palms and pool parties in his unique matchless style, DJ/producer Robbie Rivera drops the newest cuts in a feel good summer vibe with “Juicy Ibiza 2012”. With this double-disc continuous DJ mix sporting this summer’s current smashes and floorfillers “Juicy Ibiza 2012” is going to extend the season a bit more, the Balearic way.

Kicking off CD1, Robbie Rivera and Manuel De La Mare make the perfect entrance with “I Love Ibiza”, followed by “Forever Young” and “Makes Me Feel Good”. Making transitions to new singles by Cosmic Gate, Danny Howard and a Tristan Garner Remix of Tiësto’s all time classic “Traffic”, Rivera seamlessly moves towards his collab with Queen of Rocktronica JES, entitled “Turn It Around”. House goddess Ultra Naté also makes an appearance with the Robbie Rivera Anthem Remix of “Save Me”, followed by Dero vs Stefano Pain & Marcel who lend their own floor filler “Retweet”. The lovely Andain chimes in on “Promises” in the fabulous Lenny Ruckus & Ana Vida Remix closing the first disc with a trancy tech-thriller.

The heat increases on CD2, with Lea Luna and Quivver’s “Arrest The DJ” igniting the sound systems. Alex Guesta ft. Lili Rose’s “If I Could” is one of those party starters; while Robbie’s own “In The Morning” with the sexy Wynter Gordon proves that the Juicy producer still has the skills to create the hot chart stoppers. Russian trance master Bobina’s smash “Quattro 372” takes the party factor up to level 10 in Robbie Rivera’s Tribal Juicy Mix. This disc climaxes like a true Rivera live set would, and the entire mix is as energizing for a long drive as it is for a powerful work out at the gym. Mixed and compiled by the man himself, the originator of the world-renowned Juicy Beach parties and 'tuff, sexy house music', Juicy Ibiza 2012 will perfectly underline your summery holidays and will take you back to the chilled mojitos, palm trees, sandy shores, beautiful people and state of the art music, delivered in the famous trademark style of Robbie Rivera.

Robbie Rivera was nominated as "Best Producer" by the 2004 Dancestar Awards, followed by “Best House Producer” by Beatport, and “Best Remixer” by the International Dance Music Awards in 2008. In 2009, Rivera released the fourth Juicy Ibiza compilation, and the release hit many iTunes Top 5 charts all over the world. His artist album "Closer To The Sun" garnered critical praise and a great deal of media attention around the globe with hit singles including “Closer To The Sun,” “Let Me Sip My Drink” feat. Fast Eddie, “Rock The Disco” and “We Live For The Music”. His latest album "Dance or Die" hit the streets in May 2012 and his most recent single "In The Morning", featuring Wynter Gordon, is currently blowing up radio and charts worldwide.

Herausgebedatum: 27. August 2012
Label: Black Hole
Katalognummer: BH CD 97

Label: Black Hole Recordings

Top New Sounds :

Premiesku - Indirect Premiesku - Indirect.
Desolat’s Livio & Roby codify their exciting new ‘Premiesku’ project with a debut album entitled ‘Indirect’

Livio & Roby have been central to the acclaimed group of producers that have emerged from the Eastern European hotbed of electronic music that is Romania. Alongside their school-friend George G, the trio have a new project: Premiesku.

The collaboration is a new experience, which is already gaining accolades from many party heads, and acclaimed music professionals. Their first long-player brings together this collective musical experience, and presents a collection driving and energetic solid grooves, fused with a plethora of colors and sonic twists.

In today’s electronic music climate, which is characterised by an emphasis on overly-complex and technologically-advanced productions, Premiesku have a preference for the warmth offered by the analogue age: their sound is one of subtle synths, dulcet tones and beautiful yet twisted melodies effortlessly layered over intricate drums, all made with no more than loving care, and their specifically customised analogue hardware. The results are percussive, hypnotic and totally-engrossing.

With each production on ‘Indirectly’ stretching to over seven minutes in length, the tracks are given room to breath, which allows the listener completely immerse themselves in Premiesku’s absorbing sonic soundscape.

Beginning with the tinted euphoria of ‘Ceva Care Se Multipli’, the album meanders through a host of sounds and influences. From the bouncing, twisted melodies of ‘Technico Stiintific‘, to gorgeous atmospheric builders such as ‘Mecanism LRG300’ and ‘Discurs pe fundal’, the latter complete with a public announcement vocal - the trio demonstrate both their considerable production nous as qualified audio engineers, as well as their ability to write wonderfully varied music.

In contrast to ‘Tehnico-Stiintific’ and ‘Geneza’, which showcase Premiesku’s more experimental nature with their warped techno grooves, there are also some particularly delicate moments such as the serene ‘In Mod indirect’. The album ends in particularly strong fashion with ‘Vag’, complete with incessant kick-drum, swirling distorted sounds and cascading piano keys.

Overall then Premiesku have crafted a fascinating experimental electronic album with a Eastern-European twist. Although ‘Indirect’ is evidently inspired by classic deep house and Detroit techno, it is entirely unique and distinctive and one which is certain to keep drawing the listener back again and again.

Herausgebedatum: 21. Septembre 2012
Label: Desolat
Katalognummer: ?

Label: Desolat

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