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Magazine Berichte ELECTRIC ZOO New York 2012

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Der Bericht :

ELECTRIC ZOO New York 2012

In Kürze: Over Labor Day weekend, 31st August, 1st and 2nd Septembre 2012 Made Event presented Electric Zoo, once again transforming New York City’s Randall’s Island into a multiplex of music with 100'000 peopl.

Vollständig: ELECTRIC ZOO 2012
110,000 Fans Attend New York’s Electronic Music Festival

Over Labor Day weekend, Made Event presented Electric Zoo 2012, and once again transformed New York City’s Randall’s Island into a multiplex of music, lights and dancing, along with 100+ of the world’s best and brightest electronic music artists. The 3-day bonanza hosted 110,000 avid fans with sold-out capacity crowds on Saturday & Sunday.

Bigger than ever in its fourth year, Electric Zoo’s technological advances helped transform the festival landscape. Intellitix’s RFID technology was again embedded in wristbands to help festival-goers enter quickly through the front gates. The stadium-scale Main Stage featured high-resolution motion-controlled video panels that created a massive sense of scale, which could be reconfigured live to create unique looks for each individual artist. The Riverside Stage included custom-designed 3D LED technology used for the first time ever at a live electronic music show. Meanwhile, the Hilltop Arena saw a wall of LED panels and mirrors set at specific angles, working in tandem to bathe the tent in a sea of lights and lasers. And over at the Sunday School Grove, original custom-designed school buses integrated LEDs with 3D projection mapping to create an immersive mixed-media experience. In every tent, club-quality sound systems enveloped fans with impeccable sound engineered by Integral Sound.

Electric Zoo 2012 also saw the return of NYC’s finest food vendors & trucks, which offered everything from hand-tossed gourmet pizza, and Korean BBQ to organic ice cream. Also returning was the Garden of EZ, a chill-out zone featuring mind-altering art and lights, full of a thousand neon butterflies from artist Gizem Bacaz and giant mushrooms from artist Dan Park.

But most important of all, Made Event committed to creating a fun and safe environment for its fans; free water refill stations, designated Help Points and the simple idea – Many Animals, One Zoo: Help Each Other Be Safe! With positive vibes all around, Electric Zoo 2012 was all about connecting music and friends old and new. Thank you Zoo animals. See you at Electric Zoo 2013 for the five-year anniversary!

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Check out the Electric Zoo 2012 Photo Gallery!

It's filled with over 200 photos of the artists, the spectacular visuals, and you!


“Electric Zoo might not be the country's largest, splashiest, or most hyped electronic dance music festival. But we're going to go on record and say that it's the best.” — Billboard

“The only way to truly understand Electric Zoo and the dance music culture itself is to experience it – to put yourself dead center, amid the furry boots and driving bass lines. EDM is something you need to feel, not only hear, if you ever wish to truly understand it.” —

“For the fourth year in a row, Electric Zoo has redecorated New York City's Randall's Island in its own sparkly neon image, transforming the East River outpost from public park to a floating big-name rave boat.” —

“As far as parties go, Electric Zoo is a marathon: In its fourth year, the Labor Day weekend dance music festival has grown to a three¬-day, four-¬stage, 100-¬plus-¬DJ, 100,000- fan extravaganza sprawled across Randall's Island.” — The Wall Street Journal

“Electric Zoo reveled in the high-tech and the synthetic. The D.J.’s were small, peppy figures surrounded by dizzying, strobing video displays, the humans piloting the cybernetic colossus. What once was a club experience has proved to be, in geek terms, perfectly scalable to festival size; seeing the performer onstage is the least of anyone’s concerns when the music, the lights and everybody dancing are the real show. It’s a fully participatory man-made world, not just in staging but in the party gear worn by most people in the audience: fluorescent tutus and legwarmers, L.E.D.-equipped shirts and shoes, technicolor wigs and glitter adhering everywhere. Dancing skin becomes its own artificial display.” — The New York Times


“[Electric Zoo] was amazing! One of my favorite shows of the year. The festival premiered new 3D technology during my set, which made it really unique. It's great that New York has Electric Zoo; the fans need this and the location on Randall's Island is really special.” —A-TRAK

“It's a real pleasure to perform to such a big yet discerning audience in one of the greatest cities in the world.” —ABOVE & BEYOND

“Electric Zoo had to be one of the most magical places I have ever played in my entire life; the vibe of the crowd was so amazing. The fact that the festival is in New York is pretty amazing. Who doesn't absolutely love New York? NY has definitely shown me that it is my second home, I wouldn’t be opposed to moving there…” –DILLON FRANCIS

"[Electric Zoo] is a great experience and a great step for fans of dance music. So much diversity and progression in the bookings and the vibes. This was my 3rd and this was the best year. NYC is the inspiration. NYC is the king." –DIPLO

“Electric Zoo was definitely one of a kind. Besides the amazing lineup they brought this year, the entire event was just so well produced. New York is such an important market for EDM and being right in the heart of New York, surrounded by water and seeing the beautiful landscape of Manhattan is unlike anything else.” – DJ BL3ND

“It's great to be part of something that is so anticipated like Electric Zoo. We always get some new fans from playing at this show because a lot of people trust Electric Zoo and who they choose to play their festival. There's so much attention to details at this festival. We appreciate that the focus is 100% on the music and the fan experience.” –GABRIEL & DRESDEN

“It’s crazy to have a festival of this caliber in such proximity to New York City. Electric Zoo definitely creates a certain vibe that I haven't really experienced anywhere else.” –KILL THE NOISE

“[Electric Zoo] was fantastic; the crowd is wild, cheerful and knows its music so I could play an ambitious 180° across the board set. My favorite! I consider New York as my home in the US. During my set I had the feeling I was adopted for good. That felt amazing.” –MARTIN SOLVEIG

“The atmosphere was amazing and I loved every minute of the crowd's energy. The people who come to Electric Zoo are just so passionate about the music and they really show it with their energy and enthusiasm. It really is so special. New York is one of my favourite cities around the world and I'm planning on living there in 2013 so it is my new home!” –TIËSTO

Betty Kang @ PlexiPR.

Dieser Bericht wurde am 18.11.2012 durch Betty Kang publiziert.

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